Mark’s Gospel and Jesus’ Baptism

Jordan River

We started a new series at our Bible Hour* this morning: The Gospel of Mark. As the shortest of the four gospels in the New Testament it is often considered the perfect book to introduce us to Jesus of Nazareth and the things he did and taught.

Mark sets a lively pace from the start and presents Jesus as immediately going to do this or going there straight away. This morning was no exception and within the opening verses of Mark 1 we were introduced to John the Baptist.

Great crowds have gathered from Jerusalem and all over the south of the country (v5) and are watching from the river banks or waiting to be baptised in the water by John.

Jesus joins the crowds and eventually (see Luke 3 v 21) steps into the water himself. John is initially reluctant to baptise Jesus (Matthew 3 v 14) but Jesus explains that “it is fitting for us to fulfil all righteousness.” (Matthew 3 v 15 – ESV).

Jesus showed his willingness to associate with the common people – those he came to save – by mixing in the crowd with them and sharing the same baptism. In doing so he left us an example to follow and received God’s approval from heaven:

“You are my beloved Son, with you I am well pleased.” Mark 1 v 11

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