Mark’s Gospel and Jesus’ Baptism

We started a new series at our Bible Hour* this morning: The Gospel of Mark. As the shortest of the four gospels in the New Testament it is often considered the perfect book to introduce us to Jesus of Nazareth and the things he did and taught.

Mark sets a lively pace from the start and presents Jesus as immediately going to do this or going there straight away. This morning was no exception and within the opening verses of Mark 1 we were introduced to John the Baptist.

Great crowds have gathered from Jerusalem and all over the south of the country (v5) and are watching from the river banks or waiting to be baptised in the water by John.

Jesus joins the crowds and eventually (see Luke 3 v 21) steps into the water himself. John is initially reluctant to baptise Jesus (Matthew 3 v 14) but Jesus explains that “it is fitting for us to fulfil all righteousness.” (Matthew 3 v 15 – ESV).

Jesus showed his willingness to associate with the common people – those he came to save – by mixing in the crowd with them and sharing the same baptism. In doing so he left us an example to follow and received God’s approval from heaven:

“You are my beloved Son, with you I am well pleased.” Mark 1 v 11

Get in touch or pay us a visit if you want to learn more about baptism, what it is and why Jesus considered it important.

*Sundays, 10:30am – all our welcome to join us.

Free Talk – “The Bible: The Word of God: Reliable and Relevant in an Uncertain World”

A general election has just been called in the UK,
Brexit is being negotiated,
France is electing a new president,
Terrorist attacks in London and Paris…

We are living in uncertain times, but the Bible can give us reassurance and confidence for our lives. We’d love to invite you to our next free public talk to explain why.

The Bible: The Word of God: Reliable and Relevant in an Uncertain World

Tuesday 9th May
Moxley People’s Centre
3, Queen Street
WS10 8TA

No booking required, but please get in touch if you have any questions.

The Bible – The Word of God

Are You Worried About Brexit? Free Talk, 29th November

Are you worried about Brexit? Anxious about the consequences of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union?

Walsall Christadelphians are hosting a free public talk on the subject on Tuesday, 29th November at 7:30pm.

West Bromwich Community Centre
Gayton Road
West Bromwich
B71 1QS

Light refreshments will be provided. Booking is not required but please contact for any further information:

Peace4All – Easter Message in Rugeley

The Christadelphians in Stafford and Cannock are jointly hosting a series of events this Easter under the theme “Peace 4 All”.

For full details, visit their website:

Events include: A Bible exhibition, a dramatic presentation of the evidence for the question “Did Jesus really die on the Cross?”, Children’s Summer School, Evening presentations and more…

A Vision for Peace in the Middle East

We are launching a new series of informal presentations that explore the key messages of the Bible and their personal relevance to 21st Century people.

Come along to our first presentation under the title: A Vision for Peace in the Middle East.

Thursday 26th March at 7:30pm
Metro Inn, Birmingham Road,
Walsall, WS5 3AB

For further details contact the information line:
T: 0121 530 0621

History of Gardening

We are proud to present our series of FREE Gardening Workshops. Qualified horticultural lecturer and member of Walsall Christadelphians, Jon Ensell, will be leading three activity sessions on the theme:

“An Historic Look at Gardening in the Bible”

Wednesday 18th June 7:30pm Plant Cultivation – finding its roots in the Bible
Wednesday 16th July 7:30pm Social History of Plants – how plants were used in the Bible
Wednesday 3rd September 7:30pm The Naming of Plants – taxonomy influenced by the Bible

The sessions will last around an hour with tea, coffee and cake provided free of charge. Please contact Jon or Claire Ensell for more information or to book on 0121 353 3481 or email


The sessions will be hosted at:

Roots to Fruit Midlands Ltd.
51, Chester Road,
West Midlands,
B74 2HH

Joseph and his Brothers

Sibling relationships aren’t always easy, but few involve throwing your brother into a pit and then selling him into slavery. Things were pretty desperate in Jacob’s household and the events that unfold in Genesis 37 resonate with the way Jacob chose his wives and the favouritism he showed to them after their marriages, loving Rachel more than Leah (Genesis 29v30). The sisters struggle together as they bear children to Jacob (Genesis 30v8) and similarly the brothers struggle with jealousy when their father shows greater love for his son Joseph than his other sons.Foster_Bible_Pictures_0054-1_Joseph_Kissing_His_Brother_Benjamin

Throughout the account only Joseph shows unerring faithfulness in his dealings with his brothers, despite the evil that they did to him. He saw God working in his life and trusted in Him, knowing that God had a greater purpose for his people, and that all things were working for Joseph’s good (Romans 8v28).

What an example Joseph is of patience towards his brothers. Even they can’t quite believe it. When their father has just died they send to Joseph to try to appease the punishment that surely he is going to exact on them following Jacob’s death. That wasn’t how Joseph thought about things. He weeps when they send to him, and reassures them that he is not in the place of God but will nourish them and their little ones. He speaks to them of God’s purpose and encourages them in faithfulness (Genesis 50).

This doesn’t look much like the sibling rivalry we sometimes see but Joseph was building a household of faith based on the promises God had given to his fathers. He understood that through God’s great plan of salvation, he and his brothers could share together in God’s kingdom and should help one another to that end, rather than fighting.